Sunday, July 26, 2009

lata bayu

wahhh cantik tempat nih..
raffi i miss u a lot..

bile duk kt cni, teringat die cite die datang ngan noor n thock dulu..

tgk tuh..cntik x? hehehe

..sume pic amik lepas mandi jek..hik3

2nd hiking :P

next xtvt..hiking lagik :))
hik3..1st pic nih bru je nk naik..ikut jln tar..dis way more challenging than jln bukit..

rehat2 kt malaysia boleh! tdo lagik :))

then turun trus pulang umah..hihi~

1st hiking

internship..honeymoon tyme maybe..but sumtime think it differently..killer tyme!!!
killer tyme= office
honeymoon= foot step on the road ( ronda2) :D
1st xtvt:: hiking with
ousmate n SV ::
rehat2 dlu :P

pulang dgn happy sambil p mndi air terjun..penat tp besh..

eventhough i cant swin well..hahaha

Saturday, February 21, 2009

my best fwen

believe me..
I hate when I started to love someone.Everytime I’ve opened my heart to someone I care about,I ended up being very disappointed.They always take me for granted.i know you are different.

Loving someone is hard?

I just need someone who can understand me.
Who can accept me for who I am.
For good and for bad.
I’ll be there for you through it all.
Just please.See me as I really am.
And I promise you,I’ll never let you fall.
I’ll never hurt someone I love.
I’ll stand up with you forever.

i miss all the moment i know you.

the way you speak to me.

the way you give me strength when i’m down

im also glad to have a friend like you..although sometime you make me cry,you make me down. it was just up and down in our relationship,i guess! (you are my enemy and my best friend i ever had)
finally, i falling in love with you. i dont know when,where,why n how it was happen. but for the truth

but this might sound silly, I have this fear that one day you’ll finally get a good look at me and I’m going to disappoint you. Then, you’ll see that I’m not as strong as you think I am.I also afraid that it’ll change the way you feel about me.

Is that love?
Or lust?
Or infatuation?
Or it is just all of that?
oh my! what the shameless ive done! huhu

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